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Divemaster Scuba prides its self on not only being an SSI Diamond Dive Centre but the most friendly dive club in the UK. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your love affair with diving, meet people, get fit and have fun or a dive professional looking for high end training we can offer it all. From our fully equipped Dive Centre in the heart of Nottingham we have a prime location to cater to all of your underwater needs.

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Fun Innovitive Learning

Divemaster Scuba is the UK's premier SSI (Scuba Schools International) Dive Center. We work with all major training agencies inclduing PADI, TDI, SSI and BSAC. Our highly trained staff of will ensure you get that one on one feel, that makes its possible to learn at a pace that suits you.

"Leaning should be fun and immersive, check the video on the right to see the modern approach to diver education, this leaves all our time to focus on you and the water work, ensuring you are confident and comfortable."

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Unsure about how to begin your underwater adventure....? No worries our experienced team can guide you all the way. Click Here for a look at our beginner programs or press message us at the top to receive our free information pack by Email or Post



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Try Scuba

  • is your chance to get wet and experience what scuba diving is all about. Signing up for a Try Scuba is a great way to decide whether getting a scuba diving certification is right for you. We know that once you come in and try it, you’ll love it!

Scuba Diver

  • is the perfect course for those who do not have time to complete an entire Open Water Diver Program. For those looking to take their first breaths under water. The content of this program represents about half of the Open Water Diver Program.

Open Water Diver

  • The Open Water program is the best way to start your diver career path. After certification you will be qualified to dive to 18m anywhere in the world with another certified diver. Certification lasts for life.

Specialty Diver

  • Choose any two specialty programs and combine dive requirements make the most efficient use of time and learn more from your instructor. To earn the certification for Specialty Diver, you must complete 2 specialty courses and have completed a total of 12 dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver

  • Choose any four specialty programs, make the most efficient use of time and learn more from your instructor.To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have completed a total of 24 dives.

Master Diver

  • Choose any four specialty programs. Included is the Diver Stress and Rescue program. SSI’s Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today. To earn the certification for Master Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses, Diver Stress and Rescue and have done a total of 50 dives.

Stress and Rescue

  • Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations should they occur. The program is about avoiding, recognising and solving problems on the surface and underwater.

Individual Specialtes

  • Our team can offer all speciltes available on the market. From Deep to Dry Suit, Nitrox to Navigation, Perfect Bouyancy to DPV. Click for more info.

Xtended Range

  • XR is the first step into decompression diving. Be it that you want to eventually dive the great depths or just spend that little bit longer on the reef / wreck then this is the program for you. XR is the friendly face of technical diving.

XR Extended Range

  • Here you will gain the understanding of how a full technical rig is selected, assembled, and used. The extra redundancy and freedom that a Technical Extended Range Total Dive System will give you will carry though all of your future technical dives.

XR Technical Extended Range

  • Many exciting and intriguing dives require more information and training about how depth and time can affect the body. We will help to mentally prepare you for all types of diving experiences so that all you have to focus on is having a great time, whilst using Trimix.

XR Hypoxic Trimix

  • For some, the desire to explore beckons them to go further, higher, or dive deeper. They are driven by new challenges, the desire to go where none have gone before, and to discover what was previously unseen. Hypoxic Trimix is truly the underwater explorer’s program.

XR Cave Diving

  • is designed to take the diver through all training necessary to plan and conduct dives in the cave diving environment. This Includes Cavern, Cave and Full Cave. Click for more info.

Technical CCR

  • We offer full training from entry level to Advanced Trimix on many rebreathers including, JJ-CCR, XCCR, Poseidon MKVI and Se7en, AP Inspiration and more. Click for info

XR Specs

  • Our experienced team can offer all XR level speciltes. From Full Face Mask to Techncial Wreck, Tec DPV to Cave DPV, Multistage to Expedition Diver. Click for more info.


  • Completing the Science of Diving specialty and Dive Guide is the way to become an SSI Divemaster. Divemaster is the starting point for the Dive Professional adventure.

Assistant Instructor

  • Devoted Dive Professionals motivated to share their love of scuba diving to others will find the SSI DCS program a rewarding experience that will add a new dimension to their diving adventures. The SSI Assistant Instructor Program opens the door to diving instruction.

Open Water Instructor

  • As an Open Water Instructor you can teach and issue certifications for Indoor Diver, Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer, Scuba Skills Update, Try Scuba, Try Scuba Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, and Diver Stress and Rescue.

Instructor Specialties

  • You can also qualify for further SSI Specialty Instructor ratings including Altitude Diving, Boat Diving, Cavern Diving, Photo and Video, Deep Diving, Dry Suit Diving,, Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility Diving, Search and Recovery, Recreational Sidemount and many more.

CCR Instructor

  • Becoming a CCR instructor is unit specific, we train professionals at all levels on various rebreathers. Contact us for details.

XR Instructor

  • is designed to get the best from every individual, push their teaching abilities and make them create awesome technical divers. SSI expect an exceptional level of knowledge and skills from their instructors. Go further with XR.

Try Freediving

  • Try Freediving is your chance to get wet and experience what freediving is all about. A single supervised experience with a knowledgeable instructor.

Freediving Basic

  • Freediving Basic is your chance to get wet and experience what freediving is all about. Signing up for a Freediving Basic course is a great way to decide whether getting a freediving certification is right for you.

Pool Freediving

  • Pool Freediving is the chance to experince freediving in a confined, familiar enviroment with a skilled professional.

Freediving Level 1

  • The introduction to the purest form of diving. Learn proper breathing techniques, familiarise yourself with diaphragm breathing and take a deep breath like you never have before.

Freediving Level 2

  • Level 2 Freediving will equip you with further knowledge of advacned freeding technique and the mammalian diving reflex plus how to initiate the best response for Freediving.

Freediving Level 3

  • The apex of the SSI Freediving it will take you to depths of 40m. Freediving well below the residual volume of the lungs, this is the specialist deep diving course and will take you into the deep blue and beyond.


Adam Wood CEO of Divemaster
Will Cooper Dive Centre Manager


Which Learn to Dive Option?

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Most people looking to learn to scuba dive are baffled by the amount of options and the various courses on offer, read our simple step by step guide to help you find your perfect scuba training match...

Divemaster's New Price List

on: 21-10-2016 / in: Courses

Divemaster Scuba has always been at the forefront of diver education, we have just added 20 new courses at various different levels check out our revised price list for more details...

SSI Career Paths

on: 01-05-2016 / in: Courses

SSI has been innovating in the dive industy for 40 years, the release of their new career paths show that will continue for much longer, check them out here along with some advice from our instructors about what to choose...




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“Thanks to all at divemaster scuba - after a few moments of panic and trying to breath through a large bit of plastic stuck in my mouth, my first time wearing scuba gear, flippers and breathing under water - my instructor calmly got me swimming up and down the pool, sitting and kneeling down, flipping over, balancing on my head and handstands on 2 fingers - a great introduction to scuba”

David Neighbour

Open Water Student

“First time at Stoney today!! Awesome!! Cold wet but absolutely buzzing!! Thanks to all the guys for excellent tuition and all your help and support today! Still got lots to do and learn but loving every second!”

Ellie Prior

Open Water Student

“Had an awesome try dive last night. Cant wait to do it again. Lovely fun and patient people. Bring on the open water.”

Liz Leadly

Try Dive Student

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