A Brief Summary of Current Covid-19 Prevention Advice

A Brief Summary of Current Covid-19 Prevention Advice

A Brief Summary of Current Covid-19 Prevention Advice

As the diving world slowly starts to unlock, charter boats and inland sites are starting to re-open with new procedures and restricted numbers. Meanwhile, various organisations within the diving community have been putting out more detailed guidance alongside the UK government's documents. So, we thought we'd read all of them for you and compile a list of the key points. If you'd rather do your own reading, we have also provided a couple of links to the main documents at the bottom of this list. 

  • Always follow local site and government rules e.g. on social distancing. Always keep your masks on and regulators/snorkels in, or wear a face covering unless you can maintain the 2m social distance.
  • Get it clean and keep it clean! Disinfect all your kit thoroughly using an approved disinfectant, and keep it separated from other kits, and from accidental contact by others. If hiring kit, follow the guidance from the organisation hiring it to you - they will have their own procedures for you to follow. 
  • Assemble your kit straight away. During assembly, be sure not to touch the cylinder outlet on the inside of the valve or regulator inlet – these areas are difficult to sanitise if they get contaminated, so must be kept as clean as practicable.
  • When it comes to kitting up, if you need to assist your buddy, you should ensure that you both have a face covering, or both wear your mask and have your regulator in your mouth.
  • During your buddy check, remain 2m apart and check your own equipment whilst simultaneously double-checking your buddy’s equipment. You can breathe test your primary second stage, but you should only purge test the alternate second stage and confirm you can deploy it. Do not breathe from a regulator that has been used by someone else unless it is an emergency or it has been properly disinfected.
  • Avoid oral BCD inflation where possible.
  • Do not spit in your mask to prevent fogging. Use defog solution instead. Definitely do not use a mask rinsing bucket if provided!

As with most risk mitigation guidance, you may need to follow different procedures if the situation requires it, or in an emergency. The documents linked below contain more details to help you balance the risks.

COVID-19 and Diving Operations - 10 Recommendations on Risk Prevention and Mitigation (DAN Europe download)

Covid-19: what divers need to understand (BSAC website).

COVID-19: Prevention Recommendations for our Diving Community (DAN Europe).

Note - this is our recommendations only, based on reading through these documents and may not apply to all situations and locations. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements and to take the appropriate steps for the diving you are doing.