Dive Centre Club Trips from 2022 onwards!

Dive Centre Club Trips from 2022 onwards!

Dive Centre Club Trips from 2022 onwards!

The last few years have been very difficult for everyone for a variety of reasons, mostly obvious! Through this period, the Club tried to keep events running smoothly despite constantly changing arrangements, restrictions on numbers and so forth. One thing that became obvious was that our old system was a little shaky, especially around the booking system, and didn't offer the customer experience that we wanted to provide to our divers.

So for 2022 onwards, we have decided to put more effort into making the trips run as smoothly as possible. As a consequence, we have brought in some changes the most obvious of which is the creation of trip deposits and tickets available via our online store and the division between "trips", which are weekend-long typically UK based events, and "holidays", which are longer trips with multiple options available and only require a deposit to get things started.

Facebook Events is still our main place for the trip and holiday information and discussions, but selecting that you are "Going" or "interested" is just there to enable it to be added to your own calendar on FB.

We now have all events listed in the MySSI Events page, these can also be seen in your MySSI App or MySSI online login. Here you can register you interest for events and it will notify us, so we can contact you for payment. 

It is important to note that our space on a trip or Event still isn't confirmed at that point!

Here's how to get yourself "CONFIRMED": -

Club Trips

The trips are located on the online store (and linked from the Facebook or MySSI event for each one) and when you purchase one, you a buying one space on the trip (as described in each item). This is then your space - if you cannot go, we will try to help you to sell it on to someone else but at the end of the day, it's your space (this is the usual T&Cs for UK boat hire that most people are familiar with).

For club members, you can also use your discount code to reduce the trip cost by £20. For non-members, the additional £20 is effectively similar to a temporary club membership, putting you under our insurance for the trip.

If you cannot buy a space or they are showing out of stock, that means the trip is provisionally full - in many cases, we might be able to contact the boat and secure more spaces, so contact us to add yourself to the list of reserves. Most trips we put on have minimum 2 dropouts!

Each trip will have a staff person assigned to it who is there to assist and help coordinate and organise on the ground - if you need anything on the trip, they're the person to speak to!


The holidays work in a similar manner as the trips but due to the many options and variables involved, the Holiday listing on the online store is for a deposit for the trip (which again, works similarly to the boat spaces - you buy, so it's yours!). The final balance will depend on what options you choose etc. For Club members, we will automatically process your discount when settling the balance.

We hope that this system will help make our trips and holidays more orgaised and ensure only people who really want to go and will go book the spaces. This should be an improvement for on a for everyone involved. Like all new systems, it is likely to have some teething troubles, so all feedback is gratefully received!

We are looking forward to a fantastic year and great sea conditions! See you there.