Divemaster Scuba Library

Divemaster Scuba Library

Divemaster Scuba Library

Are you looking for a little light reading, or are you wondering what you'll see when you join one of our sea trips later this year? Divemaster Scuba proudly presents our modest collection of light reading material for you to peruse!

We have a range of books available to borrow, from medical F&Q books through to Gareth Lock's recent book on human factors and non-technical skills in diving. Here's a summary of the titles we have:

General Diving Stories:

  • Extreme Adventures (exploring the UK) - A Torbet
  • Route of Death (the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff) - T Stachura

UK site and wildlife guides

  • Collins Coral Reef Fishes
  • Collins Fish of Britain and Europe
  • Underwater Pembrokeshire
  • Naval Wrecks of Scapa Flow
  • Dive St Abbs and Eyemouth
  • Anglesey Wrecks and Reefs
  • Divers Guide to the Farnes
  • Whales and Dolphins of GB

Overseas site and wildlife guides

  • Guide to Shorediving Maltese Islands
  • Dive Sites of Malta, Comino and Gozo
  • Maldives Dive Guide
  • Dive Sites of Thailand
  • Dive the Red Sea

Diving skills, knowledge and techniques

  • Underwater Photography
  • O2 Measurement for Divers
  • Tech Diving from the Bottom Up
  • Padi Encylopedia of Rec Diving
  • Under Pressure - G Lock
  • FAQ Dive Medicine

If you would like to borrow any of the books, please let us know. We can post the book out to you at a cost of £3, and you can either post it back to us or pop it through the letter box once you have finished reading it. Contact us with your requests and get reading!

We also have copies of Gareth's highly recommended book available for sale at the new reduced price of £26 per copy + P&P (cheaper than Amazon!). This fascinating book looks at the simple processes around teamwork, human errors and how to prevent them, and is just as valuable for day-to-day work as it is for diving. We all dive as at least a team of two divers, so this is as relevant to professional divers as it is to a novice.

Synopsis for "Under Pressure": Most incidents and accidents are down to 'human error'. Unfortunately, 'human error' is normal and we can't get rid of it. However, we can reduce the likelihood of one of those, 'Oh s***t moments' if we have an understanding of human factors and develop our non-technical skills.

This is a globally-unique book containing decades of research and practice from high-risk domains translated into the world of recreational and technical diving. This is done through the use of numerous detailed case studies to highlight the value and applicability of these skills. This book is a must for all divers who want to manage their risks more effectively and have fun in the process.