Diving with us in the Era of Covid-19 (updated 25th Aug 2021)

Diving with us in the Era of Covid-19 (updated 25th Aug 2021)

Diving with us in the Era of Covid-19 (updated 25th Aug 2021)

Summary of our Current Status (last updated - 25th Aug 2021):

  • Dive centre, shop and servicing: Open at new premises.
  • Online shop: Open.
  • Pool sessions: Open.
  • Open water training: Open!
  • Club trips - Running!
Some information on diving with us.

These guidelines are drawn up based upon recommendations from BDSG, SSI and DAN. Please ensure that you read these carefully and follow them – these steps are for the safety of everyone!

Covid-19 Health Declaration Form - you will be required to complete a Health Declaration form prior to taking part in any training activity, coming into contact with a training group (such as taking part in a guided dive), or club diving in open water or the pool. Click here to download the form to complete then print or email to us prior to attending the session.

Attending the pool or open water.

If you are coming along as part of any organised Divemaster Scuba activity, you must contact us in advance and make sure we can accommodate you with the group going. "Walk-ups" risk being unable to join us if we cannot manage numbers and groups safely. At the pool, we meet up no later than 19:45 at the side entrance (see the photo here) for a session starting at 20:15 (we're allowed inside at 20:05). You should attend "beach ready" as although the changing rooms are available before the session, the pool would prefer to keep groups separate if possible. After the session, you can use the changing rooms and showers as normal. Please bring a mask or similar face covering with you, as well as your swimming gear, towel and t-shirt or wetsuit - it is not mandatory any more but appreciated! Open water procedures vary depending on the site - see the site's web page for more information. Remember that whilst pool water has been shown to deactivate similar coronaviruses after less than a minute's contact time, fresh water does not have disinfecting properties.

Hygiene Practices at the Centre and during Training - please follow all the current UKG guidance with respect to good hygiene, social distancing etc. It always applies during all activities, except whilst underwater. The following are the additional activities that you will need to do to help us all stay safe.

  • We will give you a kit box containing the kit you need (except fins and exposure suits). This will remain with you for the duration of your course. The kit will be disinfected before we hand it over to you and we will disinfect it again when we take it back from you. Please keep everything you get together and away from other people’s kit – you are responsible for it and for avoiding cross contamination! Keep the box closed whenever you can.
  • When you arrive at your training location, assemble your kit straight away. During assembly, be sure not to touch the cylinder outlet on the inside or regulator inlet – these areas are difficult to sanitise. Try to limit contact with the regulator mouthpieces and the BCD low pressure inflator outlet. If you want to test your regulators during assembly, do not breathe from the alternate second stage but purge it instead.
  • If you have your own diving equipment and are only renting certain items from us, please keep them separated as much as possible. We can offer guidance as to how you can disinfect your own equipment.
  • You will be paired up with a buddy for the duration of a session. If you need to swap buddies for some reason, we will need to assess the requirement for disinfecting your kit (especially if you have conducted any air sharing skills).
  • The school van is a designated “clean” area. A quarantine box is available for potentially contaminated items. However, you may use the doorways to assist as a kitting up bench provided you do so for the shortest time possible.
  • When it comes to kitting up, if you need to assist your buddy, you should try to ensure that you both have a face covering or wear your diving mask and have your regulator in your mouth.
  • During your buddy check, remain apart and check your own equipment whilst simultaneously double-checking your buddy’s equipment. When you come to the A for Air step, you can breathe test your primary second stage, but you should only purge test the alternate second stage and confirm you can deploy it. Take care not to touch the mouthpiece or exhaust area of the regulator.
  • Do not spit in your mask to prevent fogging. We will provide you with defog solution to use instead. Do not use a mask rinsing bucket if provided!
  • Always try to keep your mask on and regulator in unless you can maintain a “social distance”. At the end of the dive, remember to clear any snot in a hygienic manner (who said diving isn’t a glamourous sport?)! Have some tissues ready!
  • Once you have finished your dives, you may be asked to disinfect your equipment. Your instructor or divemaster will guide you through the process. Please follow it carefully – remember that you might not be the next person to use that equipment, so disinfect it as you want it disinfected for you!
Please do your best to follow all these guidelines. Our staff will be on-hand to help you if you need assistance or are not sure what to do. Covid-19 has changed the way we all need to act whilst out diving and it will take time to forge the new habits, but together, we'll be able to protect each other whilst being able to continue to enjoy the sport/hobby we love!