Get a whopping 50% off a Specialty Diver Bundle here!!!

Get a whopping 50% off a Specialty Diver Bundle here!!!

Get a whopping 50% off a Specialty Diver Bundle here!!!

Get 50% off our Specialty Diver bundle - Science of Diving and Equipment Techniques!

This specially discounted bundle offers you the chance to gain two amazing specialties at half price - Science of Diving & Equipment Techniques Specialties for only £145!

Having these courses under your belt is a vital step to making sure you have the knowledge and understanding of your total diving system as well as the fundamental science behind scuba diving. Knowledge IS power!!!

Both of these courses are dry course and held in our toasty classroom over the cold winter period. 

So, what are these courses?

Equipment Techniques:

The SSI Equipment Techniques specialty is the best way to learn how to choose and store your dive kit. Working with an experienced and trained SSI Professional, you will learn in-depth information about the components of your Total Diving System and develop a thorough understanding of your diving equipment.

You will also practice basic preventative dive equipment maintenance to ensure you get maximum performance and longevity from your Total Diving System.

We will show you detail of how your regulators work, why fins are designed they way they are and the differences and much more. 

Science of Diving:

The SSI Science of Diving specialty is the perfect course to expand your diving knowledge and develop a complete understanding of your equipment, physics, the underwater world, and the effects on the human body.

This offer will run until the end of February so don't delay. Click here to go to the online store, use the checkout code 'SD-2021-50' to take advantage of this fantastic power-up offer, sitting right here at your fingertips and get your knowledge ready for the new 2022 diving season!

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