Mares Horizon Units and Training now available

Mares Horizon Units and Training now available

Mares Horizon Units and Training now available

The Mares Horizon SCR has now landed in the UK!!

We have now taken delivery of our new Mares Horizon SCR's in the UK with Adam and Will off to take the instructor training this week end.

What is the Mares Horizon SCR?

The Horizon is a Semi-Closed Rebreather in easy terms is a Nitrox gas extender. It is built to be simple to make diving it even easier than open circuit and give you even more diving time.

What do you gain from diving the horizon?

Extended Dive Time - Dive times are an average of 3-8 times longer all you need is  standard nitrox gas cylinders.

Warm and Moist breath - As the Horizon is a closed loop the warmth from the divers breathe stays in the loop so it is nice and warm to breathe and then creates moisture so you don't get the dreaded open circuit dry mouth.

Light Weight - Complete the Horizon weighs only 12kg so it is fantastic to travel with. The horizon comes with 1 bottom gas regulator set weighing which ups the weight by 1.4kg. You can also get an optional decompression gas regulator weighing another 1.4kg to allow you to give you even more gas which means more time in the water. The Horizon and regulators fit in most single suitcases, weighing lots less than 23kg which is the standard checked baggage allowance for most airlines.

As Easy As Nitrox Diving - The gas mix can be changed during the dive (using the controller) to extend dive time or decrease decompression time, The controller will warn the diver if an inappropriate gas mix exists.

Creates a Natural Diving Position - The shape of the Horizon unit provides the ideal, horizontal trim, The combination of warm air and improved dive position makes breathing natural and effortless, The specially contoured, ergonomic unit includes a soft back plate, lumbar support, butt plate and padded harness straps.

Simple set up - One of the key attractions of the Horizon is its incredible ease of use. It is simple to set up, requires no tools, has easy access to the scrubber canisters for filling, and has non interchangeable, colour coded, quick release breathing hoses.

Ready for Advanced Dives - Uses the ZH-L16C Bühlmann algorithm with gradient factors, Programmable bottom gas and decompression gas, Within operational limits (up to 40m) the unit provides, decompression obligations like that of a closed-circuit rebreather

Are you interested in doing a try dive on the Horzion? If so give us a call to book a date with Adam or Will

Are you interested in learning to dive the Horizon? Go to and sign up today!

Are you interested in buying a Horizon? Head over to to get yours today!



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