Marine Ecology Promotion 2021

Marine Ecology Promotion 2021

Marine Ecology Promotion 2021

Christmas is over but the presents keep coming! To help us all pass the time during lock-down and to start looking at something other than the usual routine, Divemaster Scuba are proud to offer free Marine Ecology Specialty courses to all our club members! We haven't been able to offer you the usual huge range of trips and social activities for the last year thanks to the pandemic, so here's a little thank you present for sticking with us! Those of you who aren't club members, don't fret! You won't be missed out! We are pleased to offer you the same course for a bargain price of £25 (normal course price £85). In both cases, this includes the self-study digital kit, the classroom presentation and the certification. If that wasn't cool enough, there are no age/qualification prerequisites for this course - you don't even need to be a diver! So if you have a budding marine ecologist or the next Monty Halls in your family, why not treat them to the course?! And don't forget, you already have the free Blue Oceans programme available on your MySSI profile!

Ok, but what's it all about?! The Marine Ecology programme provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, which is the study of how organisms interact with each other and the environment, the flow of energy through communities, and the link between ocean ecosystems. You will earn the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty certification after completing this programme.

How to take advantage of this great offer:

  • For club members, we will register everyone we can, so the programme will appear on your profile in the next few days. If you don't have the MySSI app, please contact us to get booked in - you will need an MySSI profile (free to set up) to take advantage of this offer but don't forget that you also have the related Blue Oceans programme available to you free of charge with your MySSI profile, so it's two free courses for the trouble of creating a profile!
  • For non-members, you can purchase the course here and apply the discount code DMSMarineEcoPromo on checkout.

Once you have done the self-study part of the course, we will go over the material. The classroom sessions will be run virtually via Zoom, every Saturday and Wednesday evening, and you'll need to contact the centre to get booked in.

The end of the pandemic is in sight at last, and politicians and companies are already starting to look to the future - there has never been a more important time for those of us who care deeply about the marine world to speak out to encourage a new greener future. Step one is awareness and this programme (and the related Blue Oceans programme) start us on this journey.

Please note: this promotion runs until 31st March 2021. Any course materials that have not been processed (i.e. certified) by 30th September 2021 will be deleted and removed from your profile, so don't delay too long!

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