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SSI Career Paths

by: Admin / on: 01-05-2016 / in: Courses

SSI has been innovating in the dive industy for 40 years, the release of their new career paths show that will continue for much longer, check them out below, you will see that SSI has streamlined the career path while adding awesome new programs.

XR Foundations, XR Nitrox and XR Advanced Wreck

The XR range of programs have moved from techncial diving to the recreational arena. These awesome programs are now open to all divers.

XR Nitrox

is the first step in to decompression diving. Be it that you want to dive the great depths or just spend that little bit longer on the reef / wreck then this is the program for you. The XR Nitrox program is to be the friendly face of technical diving, it can be completed in a single tank rig for those looking to just extend their time at 40m or as a full doubles program for those who wish to move on to more advanced forms of Technical diving. You will be qualified to dive to 40m with a single gas switch for up to 15 mins of decompression obligation. You will find the XR Nitrox is a demanding yet extremely rewarding program.

XR Foundations

is the building block to solid divign. In a single cylinder, twinset or CCR this program will give you and absolute solid foundation to build on for all of your future diving. You will not gain any depth or decompression advantage but spend time one on one with and instructor to hone your basic skills, trim and bouyancy to perfection.

XR Advanced Wreck

The XR Tech course Advanced Wreck divingĀ  is one of the entry pathways into the technical diving of theĀ  SSI extended range diving. It is designed to give divers basic skills for the purposes of doing limited penetrations into shipwrecks. For purposes of this course, limited means that the diver must at all times remain within penetrating light that comes from an entrance or exit large enough for two divers to swim through easily.

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Open Water Open Water Open Water


Will Cooper: This new career path is awesome, XR Foundations for me.
Beth: Remeber you can always pop in for a personal dive career talk.
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