St Abbs - 30th to 31st Jul 2022


St Abbs is one of the top spots to dive on the northeast coast and never disappoints! This time, we have aimed the trip towards the slightly more advanced divers and have booked a weekend with tides suitable for diving the Glanmire wreck. We will be diving with St Abbs Charters and have provisionally booked the entire boat (12 spaces), so we can decide nearer the time on where we’d like to dive.

St Abbs Head is a marine reserve area, so we’ll be diving in protected waters! The area usually has good viz, with a rocky or gravel bottom. Underwater, there are large rock formations (including the famous Cathedral double-arch) with plenty of interesting swim-throughs and gullies to explore. Wolf fish lurk in amongst the boulders, schools of fish are usually commonplace and the kelp provides a refuge for small animals in the shallows. There is also a resident population of grey seals in the area and they have been known to come and visit divers out of curiosity or zoom past whilst hunting fish.

The key wreck of the trip is the Glanmire, a wreck in 30-32m of water. The depth and conditions of this wreck mean that divers will need to be trained to dive to at least 30m and be comfortable in low-light diving (bring a torch!) and cold water. The shallower sites in the area are suitable for all divers.

You should arrange your own accommodation near St Abbs (eg Eyemouth - the “Eye Sleepover” and “Home Arms” are popular choices).

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