Suex Sinapsi

Type: DPV


SINAPSI is a special navigation nose that replaces the standard nose and is equipped with sophisticated electronics that makes it possible to receive and process underwater navigation data captured with the DPV.

The SINAPSI project took years of increasingly sophisticated research, including many tests and trials to optimize the system using the most current and exciting technological solutions.

SINAPSI is available for the XJ-S and XK models and when combined with ERON D-1 completes the EXTENDED mode of the Eron Dashboard.

This sophisticated, yet intuitive tool makes it possible to expand exploration capabilities thanks to the following unique features:

1. Route Planning via Smartphone And PC Application

  • Navigation planning for routes connecting up to 3 waypoints + home position
  • PC software and phone app with cartography.
  • Data analysis of numerical dive logs: graph and cartography
  • Dive log post-processing and export in the most used formats (CSV and KML)

2. GNSS Positioning - Home Position

Acquisition and use of the GNSS position for:

  • Establishing the starting point of the planned route
  • Memorizing the departure and return point (HOME)
  • Recalculating the route for subsequent waypoints when the GNSS signal is re-acquired during navigation

3. Dead Reckoning - Dead Reckoning is navigation by estimated position, unlike navigation by compass angle (heading), provides the estimated position in real time and consequently the correct angle for reaching the next waypoint.

4. Compass Navigation and Reverse Route - Navigation by Compass Course and Reverse Course.

5. Planning os "On the fly" Routes - Option to set infinite routes before and during navigation.

6. NAV Filter - Option to set the "reactivity" of the compass on three levels.

7. Heading Quality Index - This Index provides the accuracy of the heading angle in real time and adjusts/degrades in conjunction with environmental changes. Indicates confidence in the accuracy of the compass and the need for calibration.

8. Compass Calibration - The two-step calibration system is able to compensate for hard-iron and soft-iron distortions to obtain optimal heading accuracy in every situation.

9. Quality of the Compass Calibration - At the end of each Calibration step, the quality of the calibration is displayed and stored.

10. Calibration of the Osometer - Automatic in-water odometer calibration system.

11. Wireless System -All connections of the navigation system are wireless. This guarantees reliability due to the absence of cables and connectors.

12. Use of Multiple Scooters - Thanks to the unique Suex wireless system, during the same dive it is possible to use the same ERON on different DPVs. This feature allows the diver to log on the same Eron different portions of the dive executed with different Suex DPVs

13. Precise Course Angle In All Positions - Heading is not negatively affected by pitch and roll movements.

14. The Suex DPV Motor does not affect the heading - Heading is not affected by the DPV motor magnetism.

15. Distance and Speed Measurement - Speed measurement system by means of a robust, efficient user-adjustable odometer incorporated into the DPV which is not influenced by the DPV propeller suction and independent of the speed of the DPV.

16. Receiving Data - The system, in addition to navigation data, provides diving data (time / depth /temperature) and DPV data such as State of charge of the battery and residual runtime in minutes.

17. IOS, Android and PC App - App for Route planning, Log download and storage.

18. Battery - User replaceable and easily available, standard batteries that provide about 40 hours of navigation use (refer to the manual for more details).