• Internationally recognised qualification 

  • Qualification last for life

  • Start right now at our facility in Nottingham!

  • Academic portion only, add pool dives for £20 each and add Open Water Dives for £45 each. 

Our Two Certification Options

Open Water Diver-Training- by SSI-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham


Recognised world wide

Certification last for life

Dive down to 18m

Can dive with any buddy 

5 Pool Sessions

4 Open Water Dives

Scuba Diver-Training- by SSI-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham


Recognised world wide 

Certification last for life 

Dive down to 12m 

Can only dive with a dive professional

3 Pool Sessions 

2 Open Water Dives


  • Step 1 - Academics

Online Reading 

Access to your own dedicated online course materials through the MySSI App

Online Final Exam

Test your knowledge, and increase confidence in the topic

Classroom Session

Meet us in the classroom to help explain and make relevant concepts learned online. 

  • Step 2 - Pool Sessions

Feel Weightless  

The first time underwater can be daunting, but we take it slowing allowing you time to feel comfortable 

Learn New Skills 

Our Experienced Instructors will show you fun ways to learn the skills required

Practice, Practice, Practice 

Our comfort through repetition method of teaching means you feel confident and safe

  • Step 3 - Open Water

See Wildlife  

Your first time in Open Water is thrilling, seeing the marine life is awe inspiring

Demonstrate Ability 

Your pool skills are now great, show your instructors how you can do them in the real environment. 

Gain Confidence 

Practice dive planning, and making experience dives under full supervision 

Prepare for future dives

Your are now confident and feel safe to earn your certification and go dive the world! 


Planning a nice getaway or would like to complete your training in a tropical destination? 

You can complete your pool sessions and academics here in the UK and do the rest on holiday. We call that a Referral Course; the pool and academic sessions will be completed with us, and then your Open Water dives will be at your referral centre. We take away all the hassle; all details and arrangements will be made by us. Not sure where to finish your program? No problem, our team can guide you. Take a look at the SSI Dealer Locator for some inspiration: SSI Dealer Locator

Open Water Diver-Training- by SSI-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
  • All access to personalised training materials and classroom sessions

  • 5 Pool Sessions to build basic and advanced skills 

  • Our satisfaction guarantee


Scuba Diver-Training- by SSI-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
  • All access to personalised training materials and classroom sessions 

  • 3 Pool sessions to build basic skills

  • Our satisfaction guarantee 


OUR satisfaction GUARANTEE

Obviously, results can vary but we want you to leave as a diver. We understand all divers learn at different rates and sometimes being underwater can seem scary, provided you do not quit, we will not quit! Our goal is to make you a comfortable, safe and confident diver no matter how many sessions that takes. 


Divemaster Scuba - SSI Diamond Instructor Training Centre

Truly, the quality of the courses strongly depends on the experience and attitude of your dive instructor and the dive centre you train with – no matter what organisation you should choose to certify with. Here at Divemaster Scuba, we are able to offer you courses with the biggest dive organisations in the world; SSI (Scuba Schools International) , PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and TDI/SDI (Technical Diving International / Scuba Diving International). We chose SSI as our primary training agency and only agency for Instructor Level training as we truly believe the SSI system provides more time in the water, the best materials and training philosophy on the market. We feel their comfort through repetition and diver diamond training style makes divers more comfortable and safe. 

For more than 45 years, SSI has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centres and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centres, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2,800 International locations, and has materials printed in more than 30 languages. SSI is the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology. 

SSI is recognised anywhere you want to dive

Since June 1, 2010, Scuba Schools International is one of the few training agencies who qualified for a Global ISO Certification. 7 SSI Programs, 5 for divers and 2 for instructors, have certifications that meet the International Standards – ISO 11121 for Try Scuba Diving, ISO 24801-1 to -3 for Scuba Diver to Dive Guide, ISO 11107 for Enriched Air Nitrox and 24802-1 and -2 for Dive Control Specialist and Open Water Instructor. Due to that the SSI C-Cards for the appropriate ratings will carry the ISO quality label in the future. Divemaster Scuba are happy to be an SSI Diamond Intructor Training Centre able to offer all training through to Instructor Trainer.


The Diamond Award distinguishes diving centers that exceptionally represent the model of SSI professionalism. Factors that are taken into consideration for the Diamond Award include diving centers that promote the enthusiasm for the sport of diving, customer service, training, quality assurance, and adherence to the SSI philosophy. 

Also, the dive center has to have professional training and classrooms, a sales floor with appropriate merchandise available, the use of team clothing, offer all SSI training programs (as applicable based on location), Internet presence, and several other things need to be demonstrated.Dive centers will only be awarded the Diamond Award, which hold a leading position in their field. The Diamond award is a privilege. It cannot be purchased and may be withdrawn at any time by SSI when the standards are no longer met.

  • Why Divemaster Scuba


We do not have any hidden costs and all our course prices include, Instructor Time, Pool Hire, Equipment Hire, Gas Fills


Not only our training is top notch, our Equipment is also high end we will teach you to dive in a wing and spanking set of Mares regulators


Our team of experienced staff will ensure you learn the right way, after some practice all skills will be taught neutrally buoyant.


Keep diving after training with our amazing fun "Divemaster Family" Lots of Holidays, Trips and Events so you can meet new people.


To make learning to dive more accessible, we have discounted the course by 20% and made a payment plan so it is easier than ever to start right now. 

£70 gets your online learning materials and instructor webinars. 

Pay £20 per pool session (5 sessions required). 

Pay £45 per open water dive (4 dives required). 

Sign up by purchasing this item, we will send you login details for your online training where you can read about the underwater world, then schedule an online classroom session with one of our professionals.After lock-down, join us for our fun pool sessions where you will learn the skills required to dive safely and then attend open water dives to put what you learned in the pool into practice and qualify as an Open Water Diver.

Open Water Diver (Start Today!)-Training- by SSI-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
  • FAQs

Q: Are the certification cards from SSI recognised all over the world?

Yes, it doesn’t matter with which organisation you have learned to dive. So if a PADI Open Water diver for example wants to dive with an SSI Dive center, that’s perfectly fine. Our certifications are recognised by all dive organisations.

Q: Is scuba diving hard?

No Scuba diving is not hard, but being underwater in itself can take a little time to get used to. 

Q: Do I need to be young and fit?

No, you do not need to be super fit; in-fact, scuba diving is a great way to get fit with no impact on your body. However, all divers are required to fill out a medical history form, any medical problems that are not advisable when scuba diving will be highlighted and then must be signed off by your doctor. The minimum age to scuba dive is 8 years old and there is no maximum, we often teach divers in their 70s or 80s 

Q: When can I start?

Immediately is the answer, as soon as you register we will send you links to access you online training so you can start right away, we have pool sessions every Friday and at least 4 chances to go to open water each month. We will work with you to create a personalised schedule that fits your needs. 

Q: What can I do after certification?

Dive Dive Dive! Once you are certified, it does not stop there! Either join our club to access holidays, trips and events, or book one of our fantastic continuing education classes.