AP Diving Cylinder Valve Adaptor 5/8" BSP Female / M26 Male


AP Diving Cylinder Valve Adaptor 5/8" BSP Female / M26 Male is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

AP8N - Cylinder Valve Adaptor 5/8" BSP Female / M26 Male

For gas-filling when travelling in Europe and/or adapting an M26x2 cylinder valve to accept a 5/8" BSP first stage, compressor connector or O2 whip.

European Standard for oxygen connection - applies from August 2008

The European standard came into force in August 2008 specifying that the connection to a cylinder containing any gas with an oxygen percentage greater than 22% should be a different thread (M26x2) than the BSP thread standard on air cylinders.

As a result, from July 2008, we modified the connection on the oxygen cylinder valve (and the AP oxygen first stage) of all AP rebreather onboard cylinders to the new M26x2 thread as our standard production spec.

In order to overcome possible difficulties with compatibility on existing dive kit and issues with filling cylinders, we have introduced the two adaptors (AP8N and AP8R) allowing the conversion of the (pre-July 2008) 5/8" BSP thread to the new M26x2 thread and vice versa.

Customers will still be able to specify the valve (and first stage) with 5/8" BSP thread on all new unit orders, allowing customers outside the EU to purchase the valve they have always used but also allowing customers within the EU that may travel frequently to purchase the most appropriate valve for their most common diving. destinations.

NOTE: If a valve choice is not specified the default valve supplied will have the new M26x2 thread.

Both adaptors - AP8N and AP8R - are available for purchase separately, on this site.