AP Diving Inspiration

Type: Rebreathers


  1. The Inspiration is Unique: With multiple Patented features. Not gimmicks, but absolute essentials like independent Dual Oxygen Controllers, CO2 Scrubber Monitor, audible alarms, fibre-optic HUDs…
  2. Benchmark Design: Such as, Oxygen Control accuracy (+/- 0.05 Bar of Setpoint) that set the CE standard – to mention just one of the Inspiration’s many ‘firsts’… 
  3. Versatile: One unit – all depths. Configure from Recreational spec to Trimix. Your choice.
  4. Easy to Prep: Quick start-of-day set-up and end-of-day replenish.
  5. Easy to Dive: Streamlined fit, a dream to fly, with ease-of breathing in all positions.
  6. Customise Your Unit: More upgrade options allows you to build your Inspiration to suit you.
  7. Intuitive Controls: Simple step-thru calibrate and test. Dive with clarity, control and ease.
  8. Redundancy Built-in: Unique back-up oxygen control & power sources, multiple independent displays with effective warning systems and multiple bail-out options.
  9. Future-proofed: Fully upgradeable by software upload and hardware plug & play.
  10. Constant Innovation: State-of-the-art in-house test facilities ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
  11. 45+ Year established dive manufacturer with a proven record of innovation and engineering.
  12. Global Market Leader: The most popular and widely used rebreathers on the planet, with all that implies about training, spares and worldwide rebreather support.

Inspiration: designed to fit your body & your dive style exact

One size does not fit all. There are 3 Inspiration models (with different size chassis) to choose from and 5 sizes of integrated weight harnesses from small to XXL

Counterlung Choice: over the shoulder or back-mounted? We’re the only manufacturer to give you the option 

Cylinders & Scrubber size to suit your dive goals and demands:

  • Inspiration evo – high-performance, lighter travel spec – 2 litre cylinders, 2 hour scrubber
  • Inspiration evp – best-of-all-worlds spec – 2 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber
  • Inspiration xpd – the ultimate dive machine – 3 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber

All good stuff that comes as standard. Then the fun begins…

  • Scrubber Size – 2kg or 2.5kg
  • Cylinder Size – 2 x 2 Litres or 2 x 3 litres 
  • Ready-to-dive weight – 24.5kg to 29.5kg

 The Inspiration is supplied complete with: 

  • The AP Vision dual oxygen controller package with wrist-mounted Handset and Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • Counterlungs – Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted
  • Cylinders, Hoses, First Stages and Case parts
  • Contents Guages, Audible Alarm and Manual Inflators
  • Integrated Weight Harness with thru-the-leg straps
  • 16kg Buoyancy Control Wing with Auto Air  - OC bailout valve
  • PC Download & Logviewer Software


All AP rebreathers are ready-to-dive with the above standard features but you can go further and spec your own unit – with multiple options and upgrades - to suit your personal preference and dive goals. See the Configurator link below.

 Software Upgrade Options 

  • All AP rebreathers come with Dive Timer as standard. Upgrade to integrated Deco software – Nitrox £134.38 or Trimix £268.75
  • AP Divestore with AP Projection Diveplanner software 

Hardware Options and Upgrades 

  • ADV – Auto Diluent Valve - £185.76
  • ADV Flowstop isolator - £43.15
  • Scrubber Life Monitor – Tempstick - £350.50
  • OCB – Open Circuit Bailout Mouthpiece - £658.94
  • CO2 Sensor - £742.46
  • Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted Counterlungs - Free
  • 22kg Wing (Inspiration XPD only) - £51.89
  • 0.4 litre emergency mini-cylinder - £74.18
  • Black Cover £54.91


Cylinder Size 2 x 3 litres 2 x 2 litres 2 x 2 litres
Scrubber Duration 3 hours * 3 Hours * 2 Hours *
Ready-to-dive Unit Weight 29.5kg 27.5kg 24.5kg
Unit Height 57.5cm 51cm 47.5cm
Width x Depth 40 x 35cm 40 x 35cm 40 x 35cm
Summary Extended scrubber & cylinder duration. Perfect for deeper longer diving More compact than the Inspiration XPD. Extended scrubber Compact, light and easy to fly
Mission Deep tech, caving, film-making, repeat diving, deep support, expedition diving All dive profiles. Good for travel Perfect travel unit. Reef to depth. Ideal for smaller body frame
Quick description The ultimate dive machine The perfect all-rounder Travel light, dive deep
Wing & Counterlung Colours Gray / Black or Yellow / Black Gray / Black or Yellow / Black Gray / Black or Yellow / Black
Case Colour Option Yellow or Black Yellow or Black Yellow or Black
Integrated Weight Harness Size S, M, L, XL, XXL S, M, L, XL, XXL S, M, L, XL, XXL
Wing Size 16KG or 22.5KG 16KG 16KG
Counterlung Option Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted Over the Shoulder or Back Mounted
Over-the-Shoulder Counterlung Size M L XL M L XL M L XL
Back Mounted Counterlung Size Small or Standard Small or Standard Small or Standard
Trim Weight Pockets Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV) Optional Optional Optional
Auto Air for Open Circuit Bailout Yes Yes Yes
Open Circuit Bailout Valve (OCB) Optional Optional Optional
Recreational 1 and 2 Software Yes Yes Yes
Nitrox Deco Software Optional Optional Optional
CO2 Scrubber Monitor (Tempstik) Optional Optional Optional
CO2 Sensor Optional Optional Optional
Communicator Software & PC Interface Yes Yes Yes
Logviewer Software Yes Yes Yes
Software Upgradeable Yes Yes Yes
Head-up Displays Yes Yes Yes
Audible Warnings Yes Yes Yes
Dual Power Supplies Yes Yes Yes
Battery Status Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Sealed Battery Box Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Setpoint Switch Yes Yes Yes
Language Options Yes Yes Yes


Please note - As per the manufacturer's guidelines this product cannot be shipped without proof of unit-specific training. We will happily ship to your instructor or ship a disabled unit to you and the parts to make it work to your instructor.