AP Diving OCB OC/CC Lever


RB116/1 - Open Circuit Bailout Mouthpiece OC/CC Lever with single-handed operation

The RB116/1 OCB Lever is designed for switching between Open Circuit and Closed Circuit modes on the OCB mouthpiece with just one hand.

Simple and easy one-handed operation is achieved by the diver applying pressure to the appropriate tab on the lever and squeezing against the adjacent protruding chrome fitting on the mouthpiece's low pressure hose connector. The reverse is achieved using the other tab and the chrome fitting. The lever tabs have been spaced so as to be in the ideal position to suit any hand size.

The RB116/1 can be retro-fitted as an upgrade to all existing AP OCBs and is fitted as standard to all new OCB mouthpieces.

Fitting instructions can be found in the OCB Maintenance Manual.