AS NEW Aqualung X Shot Fins

Type: Sale



- The design, materials and size of the Socks are tailored to women's feet for comfort.

- The Shot Fx has a Blade adapted to be shorter and more flexible than the Fins of traditional Fins , making it easier to swim.

- Its spring loaded strap with Aqualung's patented buckles forms a soft heel pad.

- The Socks is equipped with a "power transmission zone" that holds the foot to prevent unnecessary stretching of the Socks during the thrust stroke, allowing for maximum energy transmission.

- The elastic insert of the Blade produces a "spoon effect" that pushes more water down with each stroke, increasing efficiency.

- The insole is customized with a grip texture. This prevents the boot from moving sideways inside its housing and, therefore, from losing energy.

Size Large

Ex Display slight marks