Chemgene HLD4D Disinfectant


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DIS01 - Chemgene Dive Equipment Disinfectant - 1 litre

High Level Disinfectant for Diving - HLD4D

Chemgene HLD4D is an effective wide spectrum disinfectant - produced exclusively for AP Diving - specifically for cleaning dive kit such as AP BCD valves, hoses and inner bladders, and AP Inspiration rebreather valves, hoses and counterlungs.

Chemgene HLD4D Disinfectant has been chosen for its ability to destroy a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi including Legionella, Weils disease, Hepatitis, Herpes, Influenza, TB and HIV.

If used properly, following the safety instructions and precautions on the label and the accompanying Safety Data Sheet, Chemgene HLD4D has a low hazard risk. 

Chemgene HLD4D is non-fragranced and odour free.

Sold as a concentrate, Chemgene HLD4D should be diluted with cold potable water for pouring, spraying or soaking equipment. The recommended dilution ratio is 100:1 (water:Chemgene) for routine cleaning and rinsing and up to 20:1 for more heavy-duty soaking such as when cleaning bioharzards (such as bodily fluids) or when switching rebreather user.

Important Caution: After disinfecting kit always rinse off with plenty of cold potable water until all the disinfectant has been washed away and allow to dry naturally. 

1 litre bottle (with squeeze & measure top)