DLuxe Dive Gear Tank Strap EVO (6cm)


DLuxe Dive Gear Tank Strap EVO (6cm) - ECS Steel 10/12L Tall (171mm) / White (0002) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The EVOlution of a new first-class D-Luxe strap is here:

It was inspired by the requirements of some of our customers and has been tested by diving professionals over the last two years.

  • The main advantages of EVO are:
  • The curved tab allows easy gripping with thick neoprene or dry gloves, making the EVO tab an ideal solution for cold water divers.
  • Easy, “blind” operation – for a safe feeling in dark or confined spaces.
  • EVO is shaped and stitched so that the tension is evenly distributed on both sides of the strap, exerting a greater pull on the surface of the strap and flap.
  • All of our straps retain their durable properties – long lasting tight grip on the tubes, no twisting, no slipping.
  • The EVO strap is available in 13 colours that can be customised (embroidered).
  • During the extensive test phases, no cases were reported where the tapes “got caught” on objects from the environment.

If you dive in fresh water, no special care is required.
If you dive in salt water, we recommend rinsing the straps using freshwater time to time in order to remove the salt and make sure that no salt is trapped under straps as it can slowly start damaging your cylinders.