Human Diver: "Under Pressure" The Book

Type: Training

"UNDER PRESSURE" by Gareth Lock

More than 30 case studies combined with academic theory and detailed analysis to show how the events developed in the manner they did and what you can learn from them to improve your own diving.

"Understanding and integrating human factors into the practice of diving — the subject of "Under Pressure" — is the next frontier in improving diving safety and performance. As such, the book is a ‘Must-Read' for divers, team leaders and educators wanting to up their game.”

Michael Menduno/M2

Everyone makes mistakes - even the experts! For that very reason, the aviation, nuclear power, and medical professions have invested huge resources in helping their personnel to get better at not making those mistakes, and if they do, how to capture them before it gets really bad. Now it's your chance to learn how they do it. This book demonstrates a new way of thinking and planning to avoid the errors that even the best of us make, errors that can cost lives. Best of all, the information contained in the book can be applied to diving at all levels, from the newest Open Water Diver through to the experienced tech diver or dive professional. For those who are on courses with us, you might even spot a few parts that our instructors have taken and applied to our training techniques!

About the author.

Gareth Lock is a retired military aviator with a passion for improving safety and performance. Certified to advanced trimix level with GUE and to dive a JJ CCR through TDI, he has developed globally unique training programmes to bring the science of human factors to the diving domain to reduce accidents & incidents and improve the enjoyment of all divers. Last year he decided to condense the information he has learned and teaches and put it into this book.

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