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Continued education is paramount to long term success for you and the diving industry. SSI offers you a personalised and flexible way to continue your career. Simply make a list of the SSI Specialty Programs you would like to teach in the future and then enrolled in a Specialty Instructor Seminar with an Instructor Trainer.

These are the stepping stones to reaching recognition levels of Advanced Open Water Instructor, Divemaster Instructor and Master Instructor and are necessary to meet the pre requisites for enrolling on the next step of your career ladder.

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Active Status Professional of a level to teach the specific Specialty

Choose From.

  • Marine Ecology.
  • Fish Identification.
  • Coral Identification.
  • Shark Ecology.
  • Sea Turtle Ecology.
  • Manta and Ray Ecology.
  • Enriched Air Nitrox.
  • Science of Diving.
  • Equipment Techniques.

What's involved:

  • A review of the program student digital learning.
  • A review of the program’s instructor materials and training standards.
  • A review of the SSI Total Teaching System and how to teach continuing education.
  • Academic presentations and evaluation using the Academic Teaching Evaluation form and criteria.
  • Completing the final student exam with a passing score of at least 90%.

Prior to the start of training, each candidate should:

  • Read the applicable parts of the SSI Training Standards.
  • Purchase the online digital kit (from your pro area)
  • Complete the digital learning materials.
  • Review the instructor manual, PEGs, and cue cards/wetnotes.
  • Review the final exam.
  • Prepare an academic teaching session as directed, and following the Academic Teaching Evaluation form and criteria.

These seminars will be run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10:00, starting Monday 6th April until Friday 24th April. However, if these dates/times are not suitable, we can arrange a special ad hoc session to meet your requirements.

Costs for the Digital learning materials are paid direct to SSI

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