Mares Horizon SCR

by Mares
Type: Rebreathers
The decades of expertise behind Mares and rEvo rebreathers have combined to create a unique semi-closed unit like no other. 
For divers seeking adventure a revolutionary SCR approach in a system, is easy to use, natural to dive, designed with all levels of divers in mind, and developed to provide the upmost security. 

What is in the box?

Standard Version 

  • 1x Mares Horizon SCR with wing and harness
  • 1x Mares 15x First Stage
  • 1x Mares Loop Second Stage
  • 1x 100cm Regulator Hose
  • 1x 50cm hose with QGC (Quick Gas Connector)
  • 1x 30cm hose with QGC (Quick Gas Connector)
  • 1x Download Clip (USB)

Deco Version

  • 1x Mares Horizon SCR with wing and harness
  • 2x Mares 15x First Stage
  • 2x Mares Loop Second Stage>
  • 2x 100cm Regulator Hose
  • 2x 50cm hose with QGC (Quick Gas Connector)
  • 2x 30cm hose with QGC (Quick Gas Connector)
  • 1x Download Clip (USB)

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 54 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Depth: 22 cm
  • Unit weight: 12 kg (without regulator set)
  • Complete non-deco version weight: 13.4 kg
  • Complete full deco version weight: 14.8 kg

  • Two (2) scrubber canisters, each containing 1 kg of CO2 absorbent that can be refilled by the user
  • Two (2) integrated weight pockets, each containing a maximum of 2.5 kg of weight
  • Fully adjustable harness system, from XS to XXL
  • Safety gag strap on the mouthpiece
  • 2 oxygen sensors
  • Constant oxygen fraction supplied to the diver, adjustable during diving
  • Reverts automatically to full nitrox breathing in case of failure
  • Remaining scrubber time calculated by the dive computer
  • No tools are required for preparation, use, or cleaning

Limits of Use
  • Maximum recommended depth using one stage cylinder as gas supply, no decompression: 30 m
  • Maximum allowed depth using two-stage cylinders as gas supply: 40 m
  • ppO2 during use: minimum 0.22 bar, maximum 1.60 bar
  • Water temperature: minimum 4°C, maximum 34°C
  • Allowed nitrox mix: minimum 30%, maximum 99%
  • Approved scrubber material: Sofnolime 797
  • Scrubber material endurance depending on temperature and metabolic oxygen consumption: calculated by the dive computer (i.e. at 15°C or higher, with medium/high oxygen consumption, duration is > 3 h)

Maximum Work Rate Conditions
  • 75 RMV at 40 m, CO2 production of 3 l/min for 5 min

  • Three sets of redundant electronics, each with an individual battery system
  • All battery systems can be charged from one single point
  • 2.8” full color, high contrast dive computer screen
  • User adaptable gradient factor decompression algorithm
  • HUD with clear GOOD / FAIL indication
  • Approved to 40m


Please note - As per the manufacturer's guidelines this product cannot be shipped without proof of unit-specific training. We will happily ship to your instructor or ship a disabled unit to you and the parts to make it work to your instructor.