Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Hose

by Miflex
Type: Hoses

Miflex Diving Hoses are a great way to save some weight on a normal set of diving regulators. You can get Miflex BCD hoses, Miflex Regulator hoses and now even Miflex HP Hoses for the contents gauge.

Miflex HP Hoses are available in  many standard sizes to suit your requirements.

We love Miflex hoses and lots of our divers convert all of their original rubber style hoses to these lightweight braided hose which can sometimes make a 2kg difference to a set of regulators.

Braided hoses have many benefits over a traditional hose. They have an average lifespan that is 3x longer than traditional hoses, they are significantly lighter and more flexible, offer improved protection against UV damage and have a much higher burst pressure.