Santi Drysuit Connector

by Santi
Type: Heating

Drysuit inflation valve connector with the function of integrating the connection to the battery with a voltage not higher than 12V. The connector takes an external standard E/O cord through a standard suit inflation valve and provides power connection from battery canister to a heated product under the drysuit. Carries E/O cord to connect with the battery and waterproof plug compatible with SANTI Heating System products,


  • Includes two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable. One connector to connect to a battery with and E/O Cord and then the other end has the SANTI waterproof plug for connecting to SANTI heating products
  • Works with power supply no higher than 12V,
  • Total length of the cables including plugs – about 55cm,
  • Height without thread – 19mm,
  • Comes in Apeks or Si-Tech hole sizing