Santi E.Lite+ Scarlet Red

by Santi
Type: Drysuits

E.Lite+ drysuit presents an optimal and advanced combination of durability and modern textile technology dedicated to extreme sports.

The E.Lite+ model is based on the exceptional quality and durability of the E-Lite model however the E-Lite+ has been supplemented with a new flexible and soft to the touch fabric which even further increases the comfort and flexibility of diving. Known critical points that show wear and are vulnerable to damage and abrasion have been adequately protected with our tried and tested durable E-Lite fabric which was created exclusively for Santi.

Both functionalities combined in a modern and elegant, ergonomic cut ensure the highest comfort and convenience during the divers diving.

E.Lite+ protects exactly where it is necessary and at the same time guarantees exceptional mobility.

The suit is equipped as standard with the new Santi 11 hood which has an innovative cut, sewn from a very strong but flexible neoprene. The outer shell is covered with jersey while the inner coating of the hood is what we call smooth skin. The new hood perfectly adapts to the shape of the head, it is easy to put on and take off, even when wet. It provides maximum comfort and warmth and also doesn't compress like other neoprenes. 

The lightness and softness of the suit makes it perfect for travel. Its unique strength properties will satisfy even the most demanding cave and wreck divers. The suit is dedicated to both heavy technical as well as recreational and sport diving.


  • Total weight of 3.9 kg
  • Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Ripstop Nylon 365-425g/sqm and Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 515g/sqm fabrics
  • Upper suit, upper front and back bottom legs made of elastic, light fabric
  • Weighing 365-425g/sqm
  • Back, elbows, lumbar area, the lower front of the legs are made of E.Lite fabric 515g/m2

The standard suit is equipped with:

  • Colours Available: Black, Blue and Grey
  • Telescopic torso,
  • Waterproof zipper protected by an additional zipper closed with a plastic zip,
  • Reinforcements on the sleeves, legs and back,
  • Apeks high-pressure outlet valve,
  • Apeks inlet valve,
  • SANTI SmartSeals® ring system for easy seals exchange,
  • Two thigh spacey, cargo pockets with elastic, rubber loops,
  • Patches on both pockets with a zippered “double ender” section,
  • Kevlar® knee pads,
  • Latex neck seal insulated with 3 mm Neoprene collar,
  • Flexsole boots,
  • Internal suspenders with a pocket,
  • STAY DRY waterproof travel bag for drysuit - Grey.

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