Santi Flex 80 Lightweight Undersuit

Type: Undersuits

The Flex 80 lightweight and elastic undersuit has been made from the unique fabric Foundation that comes from the PrimaLoft family.It efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin, dries quickly, breathes, and is highly durable against snagging and pilling, which allows you to achieve comfort in a wide range of activities.

The neck cut has been finished with a stand-up collar, the sleeves are fitted with a cuff with an additional rubber band, which used in the wider version also at the bottom of the legs prevents them from being pulled up when the suit is dressed. Two cut pockets at the front and a built-in rubber band in waist that can be adjusted. Double-sided zipper is mounted diagonally.

The product is marked with a SANTI logo patch on the right shoulder, imprinted with the name of the company on the collar, in front and on the sleeve the name of the insulation series and the printed SANTI logo on the side of the right leg.

The undersuit is designed for diving in warm waters, for summer or as a complement to a thicker undersuit in transitional periods.


  • Composition: 50% Polyester, 41% Nylon, 9% Spandex
  • Weight 220g/m2