Santi Prime Heating Set

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Type: Heating

The Santi Prime Heating Set is the perfect option for a diver who is starting to get little cold towards the end if their dive and need a bit of comforting warmth to help complete the dive!

The set consists of:

  1. Santi Heated Vest 2.0
  2. Santi Heated Gloves
  3. Santi Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve

 Heated Vest 2.0:

The Santi heated vest made for those who look for the best comfort during long or cold dives. The vest designed to provide maximum functionality and safety. Keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained.

Heated Gloves:

Santi Heated Gloves are designed as a part of the complex heating system consisting of the gloves, thermovalve/connector and an external battery canister. This configuration allows a diver to wear the gloves under the dry gloves without additional valve and dangers associated with internal batteries.

Drysuit Connector:

Drysuit inflation valve connector with the function of integrating the connection to the battery with a voltage not higher than 12V. The connector takes an external standard E/O cord through a standard suit inflation valve and provides power connection from battery canister to a heated product under the drysuit. Carries E/O cord to connect with the battery and waterproof plug compatible with SANTI Heating System products,


  1. Includes two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable:
  2. Connector for connection with a battery adapted to work in water (standard E/O cord)
  3. Waterproof plug for connecting the heating element (SANTI only)

 Drysuit Thermovalve:

The thermovalve is the transition between the external battery canister and the elements of the heating system under the drysuit. Replaces the standard inflation valve. Two functions in one device: drysuit inflation valve with integrated connector.


  1. 90° moveable valve head for more convenient hose attachment which allows for optimal E/O cord and pressure hose settlement under the drysuit,
  2. includes two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable:
  3. connector to connect with the battery adapted to work in water (E/O cord)
  4. waterproof plug compatible with SANTI Heating System products