Scuba Force Black Devil 32 System

Type: BCDs & Wings

Scuba Force Black Devil 32 System

The Scuba Force Black Devil 32 System is a Simple and Streamlined System to provide the Perfect Recreational and Technical Single Tank Set.

System Incudes:

  • 1x Scuba Force Black Devil 32 Wing
  • 1x Scuba Force Backplate of choice 
  • 1x Scuba Force Harness of choice
  • 1x Scuba Force Single Tank Adapter Set (Inc Screw Set)

Mono Wing:

This two-shell donut wing with 15 liters lift (approx. 32 lbs buoyancy) is made of high quality materials and is particularly functional by its good handling.

The all-round zipper allows you to remove the inside bladder completely. The textile inner bladder is especially robust and hard-wearing, as well as the outer shell of ballistic Cordura. The metal inflator in K-shape rounds the high-quality overall equipment.

Avalible in Red, Grey or Black

Harness options of:


The ScubaForce Tech Harness Black Devil fits the Black Devil line - the DIR conform tech harness. It is kept very simple and provides maximum safety during your dives.

The complete set contains:

  • 3.6 meter webbing with center hole
  • ScubaForce buckle - stainless steel
  • 6x rubber bands
  • crotch strap with two integrated D-rings (perfect for scooters)
  • 2x D-ring cranked
  • 2x D-ring straight
  • 9x belt stopper



Convenience and safety are just a few advantages of the ScubaForce Cobra GT Harness Tech. Designed for the needs of ambitious tech divers. With one hand the dual button safety mechanism is simple to use while preventing unintentional release. The ScubaForce Cobra Harness Tech is the ideal and safe design for serious tech divers looking for safety, high load capacity and reliability.

Cobra buckle

  • 1 Cobra GT buckle - male fix
  • Made of very strong polymere
  • Patented safety mechanism max. tensile load of 900 kg (6,509 lbs/ft.) 
  • Ideal for salt water use 
  • Offers you an easy entry and exit 
  • Accidental opening is impossible 
  • Installation on left and right side possible 
  • Individual positioning of the height

Crotch strap 

  • Width: 50 mm (1.969“) 
  • High comfort, soft material 
  • Two integrated D-rings 
  • Excellent hold without equipment hindrance 
  • Two D-rings (e.g. for scooter)


  • Adjustable tapes 
  • The Harness can be adjusted and positioned in few seconds  

Easy and safe fixing of accessories

  • Two elbowed O-rings in the area of the shoulders 
  • Fixed D-ring on left side 



The ScubaForce Cobra GT Harness Comfort combines safety aspects and wearing comfort in an unexpected perfection. It is a comfortable and safe companion for all divers who not settle for the „standard”.  

Cobra GT Buckles:

  • 2 Cobra GT buckles - male adjustable
  • Patented safety mechanism max. tensile load of 900 kg (6,509 lbs/ft.) 
  • Made of very strong polymere
  • Ideal for salt water use
  • Offers you an easy entry and exit
  • Unintentional open up is impossible 

Crotch strap:

  • Width: 50 mm (1.969")
  • The soft material guarantees a high comfort 
  • Excellent hold without equipment hindrance
  • Two D-rings (e.g. for scooter) 

Adjustable Shoulders:

  • The Harness can be adjusted and positioned in a few seconds  

Easy and secured fixing of accessories:

  • Two adjustable elbowed O-rings in the area of the shoulders
  • Two fixed D-rings in the area of the hips each side

Backplate options of:


The ScubaForce Black Devil Skeleton Backplate combines design with a maximum of convenience. Its shape is directly inspired by high quality backpacks. 

It is Powder coated Stainless Steel weighing 2.3kg and a length of 41cm

Optimized division of forces:

  • Expanded width compared to similar backplates
  • Innovative shape offers an optimized division of forces as well as an improved wearing comfort (also applicable for double tank configurations) 
  • Center of gravity is close to body axis which allows stowage of heavy P-weights



Optimal positioning of double tanks using the combination of the 3 holes and the lower slot.

Holes in regularly spaced intervals enable you to fix your Argon-Set or other accessories without any problems. 

With a weight of 2.3kg and a length of 40cm



The ScubaForce Standard Aluminum Backplate has a material thickness of 3 mm and a total weight of  0,7 kg. Thanks to its minimal weight it is your ideal companion. It is especially suitable for travelling by plane.

The hole pattern on the backplate allows you to secure your equipment for the optimal position and security.  


Made of Saltwater resistant Stainless Steel


  • 2x Scuba Force Cambands
  • 1x Scuba Force Single Tank Adaptor
  • 1x Scuba Force Single Tank Bolt Kit

Compatible with any Single Tank wing and backplate