Scuba Force SF2 Backmount Conversion Kit 2020



*for the latest sidemount units (2020)

From one to two!
The Backmount Conversion Kit is designed for this.
Quickly and easily allowing the diver to convert from sidemount to backmount. This option is unique to the SF2 rebreather and not available with other units.

Backmount Conversion Kit consists of:

  • Lower carbon tube with backmount frame
  • 2 Complete pony clamps
  • 4 x Stainless steel hose clip with protective cover
  • Complete backmount breathing loop  with backmount mouthpiece
  • Manual Adds & Off Board Gas Connector incl. hoses and Shut Offs
  • Double threaded connection
  • 1 x 90 Degree low pressure angle
  • 2 x Scubaflex hoses for Solenoid and ADV
  • Mid Part complete (incl. ADV, Bellow etc.)