Scuba Force SF2 Sidemount

Type: Rebreathers

The SF2 ECCR is certainly the most popular Sidemount rebreather in the world. Its compact size, combined with a low weight and a robust structure make the SF2 Sidemount a popular and reliable companion on exploration dives around the globe.

The basic components are taken from the SF2 Backmount version. The SF2 Sidemount has the same compact electronics chamber and inner bellows counterlung. The upper and lower tube are constructed of a very light, yet durable carbon fiber.

MID Section

The SF2 Sidemount rebreather has a new middle part with a manual O2 and Diluent button. Also, the buttons are protected for external damage.


The SF2 Sidemount rebreather has a DSV mouthpiece especially designed for the sidemount application. In collaboration with the best Sidemount divers in the world, we have developed a unique mouthpiece with excellent features:

  • Optimum hose feed
  • Extreme small design
  • Bayonet hose fittings mouthpiece
  • Rotatable
  • Right / left hand use
  • In water neutrally buoyant


To configure the SF2 Sidemount rebreather as close as possible to the body, it has three attachment points.

We’ve designed a stainless steel rail at the top of the head and included two large Boltsnaps in the central region held via a hose clamp to allow for a streamlined attachment to your existing harness. The Boltsnaps can be varied in position, so that the rebreather can be positioned individually.


High quality marine grade rust-free stainless steel bracket to attach pony bottle or battery canister to main cylinder.

Extremely strong connection with quick release system.