Scuba In a Box


A Scuba in a Box is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift to begin anybody’s diving journey!

Scuba in a Box includes a Voucher for you and a friend to come along for a Try Scuba Experience.

The box contains a shark USB which has all the information you need to get started for your course, as well as some cool freebies such as SSI sunglasses, a colourful Santi wristband, and many more!

You can also get a Scuba in a Box for any course you wish to purchase as a gift, so get in touch today to give the gift of diving!

Please note: these boxes are collections only. If ordering via the online store, please add in the notes that you would like it as a Scuba in a Box.

Notes about Try Scuba

The SSI Try Scuba program is your introduction to the underwater world. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in a confined water setting. You will earn the SSI Try Scuba recognition rating.

  • Minimum Age: 8
  • Certification Prerequisites: None
  • Academic Sessions: Online training
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
  • Maximum Training Depth: 5 meters / 15 feet 
  • Duration: 2 Hours

The session will start with a 15-minute briefing from one of our experienced instructors and then a rundown of how the equipment works and is fitted. Next, you and your instructor will select a mask, fins and be fitted into your own high-quality total diving system. Learning to breathe with your face in the water and fin on the surface quickly turns into almost 2 hours of fun underwater playing games and learning new skills. We have a maximum ratio of 2:1 with instructors to ensure you have the best possible experience.

After a full debriefing and discussion about how to take your scuba to the next level. Every student is issued with a certificate of completion and a digital recognition rating (via MySSI App). Photos of each session will be uploaded to the Divemaster Scuba Facebook 

As with all Divemaster Scuba programs

  • All Kit hire is included
  • All Pool fees are included
  • All Air fills are included
  • Instructor time is included
  • We are committed to your success, if you require more help we are there for you.


Pool sessions are held at Harvey Hadden Sports Village in Nottingham at 7.45pm every Friday. 

As with all of our programs this course can be offered as an exclusive 1 on 1 program.