Shearwater NERD 2


Shearwater Nerd 2 Stand Alone

Rebreather tested,Recreational requested- The world’s first near eye remote display for scuba divers has been redesigned for enhanced flexibility and reliability. In addition to the DiveCAN and Fischer versions, OC divers can now experience the freedom the NERD 2 has to offer. The universal regulator mount allows divers to secure the NERD 2 within their line of sight and dive with the security of knowing their crucial dive information with a glance of the eye. From the combination of the Micro LCD display and the magnifying lens, the data on the NERD 2 appears as if you were looking at a 25 inch TV 12 feet away.

Multiple Diving Modes:

  • OC Recreational- Three gas nitrox computer with features for the serious recreational diving enthusiast. Includes adaptive safety stop and NDL bar graph

  • OC Technical- 5 OC gases Trimix enabled by default

  • CC/BO- Closed Circuit/Bailout, 5 OC/5 CC gases, Trimix enabled, Constant PO2 for closed circuit

  • External Monitoring- Real time PPO2 monitoring of 1 - 3 O2 sensors, This includes semi-closed rebreathers

  • Gauge- Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging

Line-Of-Sight Information- All of the information you need at a glance.

Custom Design- The removal of the brainbox makes the NERD 2 the smallest Shearwater dive computer to date.

Rechargeable Battery- With a minimum of 18 dive hours on a full charge with medium brightness (recharge time 4 hours). The typical battery life is 5 years or 500 charge cycles. The battery can be replaced at authorized service centers. The cost of replacement is $100 CAD + shipping. The turn around time for replacement is 5 business days after receipt of payment, excluding shipping time. The battery replacement includes inspection, functional testing and pressure testing. If the battery is not meeting performance specifications within the 2-year warranty period it will be replaced free of charge. Variations to battery lifespan can be expected due to operating at extremes of the rated specification, such as high environmental temperatures or repeatedly fully discharging the battery.

Two Button Interface- Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure.

AI Functionality- Capable of displaying tank pressure in all modes (transmitter sold separately).

Mount Options- The 2 hole patterns allows for custom mount designs and compatibility with NERD 1 mounts.

Cloud Control- Download and display dive logs quickly with Bluetooth Smart technology.

Multiple Languages- Languages include: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Depth Rating- 300m

Dive Log- 1000 Hours