Suex Athor Series 7Seven Scooter

Type: DPV

The Suex Athor Series 7Seven Scooters are recreational scooters with some technical features such as dual speed control and a maximum depth of 80m.

Use Recreational
Lenght 790mm
Width 407mm
Height 338mm
Body diameter 200mm
Weight without battery 11.5kg
Weight with battery 19kg
Material Type Technopolymer/Polycarbonate
Max Static thrust N 185 (lb 41.5)
Top speed 60m/min
Run time at max speed/drag 60min
Run time at cruise speed 75min
Maximum operational depth 80m
Buoyancy/ trim Neutral/Neutral
In-water usage temperature -5/+35°C
Battery type Pb
Nominal Voltage 24 Volt
Nominal Capacity 360 Wh
Maximum recharging time 8 hours
Charger power supply Volt 110/220 50/60HZ
Smartphone connect YES
External Charge NO
Suex DRIVe System NO
Battery Gauge YES
Li-ion Battery NO
Fastening device YES
Main Switch YES
Proplock Propeller YES
Speed Adjustment YES
By-pass System NO
Easy Trim YES
Easy Inspect YES
New Handle Design YES
Sealed Motor Compartment YES
NBS - Neutral Buoyancy System YES
Made Salt Resistant YES
Motor Protection YES
Battery Protection YES
Certifications YES