SUEX DRIVe Nav Training

by SSI
Type: Training
If you have happened to go around in circles during a dive with DPV, if you have not been able to return with ease to your back home or anchor line, if you are excited about the possibility of being able to organize real underwater navigation by GPS coordinates and geolocalize the points of interest (marker) during the dive, then it may be time to rely on underwater navigation with the DRIVe Navigation system


DRIVe - Diver Remote Information View is an integrated system that provides the SUEX diver with detailed information in the pre, during and post-dive phases. The innovative DRIVe system devices provide users with strategic information for management, safety and fun during their dives.

Learn about the components of the DRIV2 system

  • Calypso 
  • Eron D-1
  • Sinapsi
  • Seika

The SUEX Drive training consists of 

1 x Practical application setup session
2 x Open Water Dives
1 x Post Dive logging and data analysis session

You must be a certified DPV diver to attend this training, DPV and DRIVe system can be hired at extra charge.