Vis, Croatia, 2nd - 9th July 2022


Vis is the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland; situated beyond Hvar and Brac, it sits basically on the halfway point between Croatia and Italy. The history of the island goes back to ancient times. In the 4th century BC, the Greek tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysius the Elder, founded the colony Issa on the island.

Vis island is famous for its wrecks. Around the island, there are several wrecks regularly visited by the divers. Some of them are available for recreational divers, while some, due to the depths, demand technical diving skills. Most dive centres organise wreck diving every day if the weather conditions let the boats go safely to the diving sites. Usually, during one-week holidays, the divers do 10 dives in 5 days, which averagely means one wreck and one another dive per day. The coast around the island offers many wonderful walls and reefs with red and yellow corals and multiple species of gorgonians. They are full of dozens of nudibranchs and often visited by pelagic fishes. Many of the reefs are connected with some wrecks and caverns too. The viz in Vis is often excellent and the water should be low to mid 20C when we’re planning on going so we should be looking at some nice blue-water diving!

At the moment, we're still thrashing out the details but to get things started, we have a rough guide for flights:

Easyjet Luton to Split, Croatia
14:40, arriving 18:25.
Returning 10:35, landing 12:10.

Ferry from Split to Vis costs about £10 each way as a foot passenger.

Diving prices vary depending on the package chosen but a 10-dive package should cost about 280 euros.

We are taking a £250 deposit on a first come first served basis - get booked in now! It’s sure to be a very interesting trip!