Xlendi, Gozo, 8th - 16th April 2022


Our destination this time is the town of Xlendi on the smaller island of Gozo, next to Malta. From a diving point of view, you’re even closer to some of the more famous local sites. Gozo is a small island and surrounded by wrecks and reefs, so if one side is choppy, a short drive brings you to the other. Blue water and plenty to see - what’s not to like?

Typical diving day? Meet at Ritual Dive at 8am, load up one of our trucks with your equipment and head out for a 2-dive trip. We usually get back to the shop around 1pm which gives you the option of heading out for a third afternoon dive or having the afternoon off to explore the island. For the afternoon dive, you meet at Ritual Dive at 2pm, load up the truck and head out for one afternoon dive at 2:30pm

They are also able to offer boat dives and night dives for additional top-up charges. Dive package details are available on their website here: https://ritualdive.com/diving/courses/fun-dives-2/

Flights are Easyjet direct, currently ~£230.
Departure 05:55 Manchester arriving in Malta 10:25. Return flight leaving Malta 11:05 arriving in Manchester 13:40.

Ferry from Malta to Gozo and transfer to be provided by Ritual Dive (cost TBC and dependant on numbers traveling and luggage to be carried).

Accommodation is the Block Hotel Xlendi, room rates are TBC, ~ €40-65 euros per night. Eco tax payment of 50c per person per day up to a maximum of €5 per stay.

More details can be found on our FB page. We are taking a £250 deposit on a first come first served basis and can discuss options at the time, so don’t delay - get booked in now!