XR CCR Extended Range Diving (45m)

by SSI
Type: Training

The CCR Extended Range program qualifies you to dive to a depth of 40 meters / 130 feet using air, or up to 45 meters / 145 feet using trimix as a diluent with a maximum decompression time of 25 minutes. You will earn the SSI CCR Extended Range certification after completing this program.


  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Certification Prerequisites: Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Advanced Open Water Diver, Extended Range or CCR Diving
  • Academic Sessions: min. 8 hours
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 2
  • Open Water Dives: 6
  • Maximum Training Depth: 45 meters / 150 feet
  • Suggested Duration: 40 hours


A complete CCR Total Diving System that:

1.Is approved by SSI and has CE-type approval (European version)
2. A single bailout cylinder (minimumvolume:5.7liters) and bailout regulator with: Second stage with 1-2 meter hose and SPG. Oxygen cleaned as required
3. Backup OC/CCR computer for bailout in the event of a system failure
4. A surface marker buoy (SMB)
5. Spool or reel appropriate for the planned dive depth
6. Cutting device
7. Surface signaling device
8. Manufacturer and/or SSI Pre-Dive Checklist

We will complete an academic development classroom session. Here we will complete a full equipment configuration. You must complete a final exam with a passing score of 80%.

Open Water training days will be at a local inland diving site.

How it works

You will be given sent an email to view the course materials on www.divessi.com to start your academic development. We will schedule 1 day to complete the academic development and kit configuration session. The Pool session will contain the swim test and skill development 4 days of Open Water will be the bulk of the program, with thorough de-briefing and feedback given at the end of each day.

As with all Divemaster Scuba XR Programs

  • Certification lasts for life
  • We can rent you kit but the benefit from this course comes by configuring your own equipment.
  • All Learning Materials are included
  • All Pool fees are included (if required) but entry to open water sites is not included
  • All consumables are extra.
  • We are committed to your success, if you require more help we are there for you.

CCR Extended Range certification entitles the holder to dive with an equally- or more-qualified buddy, on dives using specialised diving equipment and procedures to depths of up to 40m (using air) or 45m (using trimix with a minimum of 20% oxygen) and requiring staged decompression stops of no longer than 25 minutes, providing that dives are conducted in environments similar to those of the diver's training and experience.