XR Extended Range Foundations

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by SSI
Type: Training

The place to start - The XR Foundations program is designed to improve your buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques and give a stable platform from which to improve all of your diving. The emphasis on in-water training in the Foundations course results in measurable improvements. The XR will get you ready for limited decompression in the XR Nitrox Diving course with a recreational pass or accelerated decompression in the XR Extended Range course with an Extended Range pass.

The intent of the SSI Extended Range Foundations program is to provide divers with a workshop environment to improve their skills to a high level using Extended Range Total Diving Systems and procedures.

The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with a workshop environment to improve your skills to a high level using Extended Range Total Diving Systems and procedures. All training dives are completed in a confined water environment at depths less than 12 meters / 40 feet. You will earn the SSI Extended Range Foundations recognition card after completing this program.


  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Certification Prerequisites: Enriched Air Nitrox 40% certification
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Diver certification
  • Have logged at least 24 dives.
  • Open Water Dives: 2 days
  • Maximum Training Depth: 12 meters 
  • Suggested Duration: 16 hours

All dives must be completed using one of the following configurations:
A complete Extended R ange Nitrox Total Diving System (the second “backup” regulator or pony cylinder is not required for this program).
A complete Extended RangeTotal Diving System.
A complete Extended Range SidemountTotal Diving System.

We will complete a days classroom session with you individually tailoring your kit to you and discussing the techniques and principles of buoyancy, trim and propulsion.

Pool sessions are held at Harvey Hadden Sports Village on a Friday evening at 7:30pm or alternate venues may be discussed.

Open Water training days will be at a local inland diving site.

How it works

There are no Learning materials for this course as it is very much Instructor-led through workshops. We will schedule 1 day to complete the first part of the academic development and kit configuration session. The Pool session will contain the swim test and development of buoyancy, trim and propulsion. 2 days of Open Water will be the bulk of the program with de-briefing at the end of each day.

As with all Divemaster Scuba XR Programs

  • Certification lasts for life
  • We can rent you kit but the benefit from this course comes by configuring your own equipment.
  • All Learning Materials are included
  • All Pool fees are included (if required) but entry to open water sites is not included
  • All consumables are extra.
  • We are committed to your success, if you require more help we are there for you.