XR Technical Extended Range Instructor

by SSI
Type: Pro Training

We are starting to get really serious now. Full unlimited decompression to 60m with multiple stage cylinders. Some of the worlds best dives are now opening up, divers will see you as a mentor from this level. Upon completion you will be certified as follows: SSI Technical Extended Range Instructor.

This SSI Technical Extended Range Training Course certifies the candidate as an SSI Technical Extended Range Instructor with or without trimix.


  • Be an Advanced Open Water Diver Instructor or equivalent. Be an Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor or equivalent.
  • Be a Deep Diving Instructor or equivalent.
  • Be a Diver Stress and Rescue Instructor or equivalent.
  • Be a Science of Diving Instructor.
  • Be an Extended Range Instructor.
  • Have logged at least 200 dives, including at least 50 decompression dives deeper than 36 meters and a minimum five dives with at least 30 minutes of staged decompression requiring at least two gas switches.
  • Be certified in Technical Extended R ange.
  • Provide their own Extended Range Total Diving System.
  • Complete the Extended Range Instructor Assessment Form and provide proof of the required teaching and diving experience.
  • Open Water Dives: 3 days
  • Maximum Training Depth: 50/60 meters 
  • Suggested Duration: 18 hours

The classroom academics session and pool sessions and will be held at Divemaster Scuba.

Open Water training days will be at a local inland diving site.

How it works

You will be given sent an email to view the course materials on www.divessi.com to start your academic development. We will schedule 1 day to complete the first part of the academic development. The Pool session will contain the swim test and development of trim, buoyancy and propulsion. 2 days of Open Water will be the bulk of the program, with further a academic development session to be scheduled. Thorough de-briefing and feedback will be given at the end of each day.

Course content will cover:

A review of all XR Standards and all SSI Dive Center/Resort Standards.
A dive planning session.
A pool/confined water session that includes the presentation and the evaluation of all water skills required in the Technical Extended Range program. All skills must be to demonstration standard wearing two stages.
While acting as an instructor, plan and conduct at least one dive from the Technical Extended Range program. The dive must be a full decompression dive at a depth of at least 45m with at least 25 minutes of planned staged decompression time and at least two gas switches. During the dive, the candidate will supervise an assistant or another instructor candidate acting as the student during the training dive.
Demonstrate the ability to rescue an unconscious diver by bringing the diver to the surface from a depth of between 5m and 10m, establishing positive buoyancy, evaluating the diver’s status, removing all equipment and removing the diver from the water. (Assistance may be used ONLY for the handling of equipment once it is removed from the diver) This skill must be completed proficiently and without unnecessary time delays depending upon the conditions present at the rescue site.
Complete an appropriate equipment assembly workshop.
Complete the water skills evaluation as outlined in the General Standards.
Complete the applicable final exams (Technical Extended Range Trimix Instructor and/or Technical Extended Range Instructor) with a passing score of 90%.

To complete the qualification one of the following criteria must be met:
Certify five divers in Extended Range Nitrox Diving and five divers in Extended Range. OR
Teach at least two complete Technical Extended Range programs with a certified Technical Extended Range Instructor Trainer and provide recommendation letters (completed and signed by the Instructor Trainer) for each class assisted.
Co-teaching activities must take place after completion of the Technical Extended Range Instructor exam and prior to certification as a Technical Extended Range Instructor.

As with all Divemaster Scuba XR Programs

  • Certification lasts for life
  • All Learning Materials are included
  • All Pool fees are included (if required) but entry to open water sites is not included
  • All consumables are extra.
  • We are committed to your success, if you require more help we are there for you.

Active status Technical Extended Range Instructors may teach, supervise and issue certifications for the following programs:

  • Extended Range Foundations
  • Extended Range Nitrox Diving
  • Extended Range, with or without trimix as per certification
  • Technical Extended Range, with or without trimix as per certification


Dive professional registration and course learning fees are payable to direct SSI.

Physical materials for the course are available through the dive centre:

Candidates must have the Extended Range Instructor package for this course. The SSI Base Package and the SSI Instructor Base Package is also available to candidates who would like to update their instructor materials to the latest version of the package.