Accuthermo Thermobundle


Accuthermo Bundle

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Accuthermo Battery with Thermovalve

Safe and comfortable Thermovalve
The A360 T-Valve can be easily installed and removed without the use of additional tools.
But to make its users’ life even even easier and simplify the (dis)mounting process, we add
a steel wrench to each thermo valve.
Every piece we create is designed and manufactured in its entirety by Ammonite System
in Poland, and the T-Valve is no different. Each one is also assembled with care by our very
own team of professionals, and you can count on our full support from day one.
The T-Valve is covered by a 3-year warranty. All of our products are backed by
a world-class after-sales service.
We simply want your dives to be pleasant and your diving experience – stress-free.
You can dive right in and breathe easy – we at Ammonite System will take care of the rest.

Modern power supply source for heated dive wear - Simplicity, intuitive operation and performance reliability; up to 200 Watts heating power.

The charging port of ACCU THERMO may be optionally applied to connect any of Ammonite System lamp head.

The Ammonite Accuthermo Battery also includes a lithium charger

Intelligent solutions, advanced functions - LED indicator – information on the battery level, intelligent E/O – an electronic circuit protecting the contacts of a wet connector from damage; Intelligent E/O “knows” when a cable is disconnected and when to cut off voltage, as well as when to bring back power supply after reconnecting

Easy switching on and effective power adjustment - The two-stage power control means effective power management extending battery life, the magnetic switch, whose properties are the same as those of a mechanical one – to easily feel the switch position, even when wearing thick gloves

Durability and reliability - The compact size casing all made of high grade aluminium coated with hard anode; the device is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve

Special Battery - Reinforced construction for the most special demands - ACCU THERMO SPECIAL designed and built to withstand maximum operation depth up to 200 m.
Functionality, reliability and intuitive operation as a regular ACCU THERMO.
Efficiency up to 200 Watts heating power.
The charging port of ACCU THERMO SPECIAL may be applied to connect any of Ammonite System lamp head.