AP Diving GC3 Flowstop



The Flowstop is a high-performance in-line gas isolator. Simply slide the knurled collar forwards in the direction of the gas flow to instantly cut off the gas supply. The Flow-Stop features large bore feed holes that are recessed to reduce O-ring wear. It is a high-flow design offering less restriction than others available and so can also be used to isolate high-volume open circuit 2nd stages or off-board diluent or bail-out gas hose feeds.

The Flowstop is perfect for isolating your ADV:

  • To shut-off gas supply in case of free-flow
  • To disable the ADV at the bottom stage of the dive to manually control loop volume if preferred - for example, if diving a saw-tooth profile
  • To disable the ADV at the deco stage of the dive if preferred. This may be to avoid potential dilution of the deco mix by ADV injection if the diver is rising and falling with a swell

When used with a second stage or the OCB mouthpiece, possible uses include:

  • To shut-off gas supply in case of regulator free-flow
  • To make the selection of gas from the various supplies (on-board, off-board and deco station) a positive decision-making process, avoiding accidental connection of the wrong gas mix