Human Diver: The Essentials Micro Class

Type: Training



Developing Knowledge. Learning Skills. Taking Action.

This short online course is a must-have for all divers, from novice to experienced and everyone in between. It creates the essential foundations to understand and highlight the impact of human factors in diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and free from human error. This course gives you three hours of online learning using bite-sized chunks of theory (5-10 mins clips) to give you a baseline of knowledge or reinforce previously learned concepts/tools. The material is accessible via a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. All of the modules have direct relevance to your diving. In addition, you will have access to lots of additional, optional reading. We reckon there is at least 6 hours more learning if you want to take yourself further.

The Human Factors in Diving is an award-winning, unique online class that focuses on WHY we make the mistakes we do and WHAT we can do to reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event happening.

It does not focus on the technical aspects of diving. It focuses on decision making, situational awareness, communications and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence to ensure you have the best dive experience possible.

A series of techniques are used, including case studies that highlight the contributory factors to incidents that are rarely technical in nature. You’ll be informed, better equipped, and have a greater understanding and appreciation of how important human factors are and how to avoid these mistakes!

This short pioneering course is a MUST HAVE on every diver’s training and learning journey.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.

  • Minimum Age: 10.
  • Certification Prerequisites: None.
  • Academic Sessions: Online learning.
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: None.
  • Open Water Dives: None.
  • Suggested Duration: 12 - 20 hours.

Please note that this course is provided by The Human Diver directly. Clicking the link below will redirect you to The Human Diver website page for the course and registration/payment is made directly with them. At Divemaster Scuba, we believe that knowledge and skills are two essential parts of what is required to make a safer diver and we can speak from first-hand experience when we say that this course delivers plenty of both.