Scuba Force Black Devil Nitrox Second Stage

Type: Regulators

Black Devil Nitrox Regulator

The SCUBA FORCE Black Devil Regulator 2nd Stage is a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage for superior performance even in deeper depths. Adjustable venturi control to improve breathing. Diver adjustable inhalation resistance. Cover made of anodised aluminum. Optimised for use in cold water, through metal ribs in the connection area ideal heat exchange. Compact size with large exhaust deflector. Ergonomically shaped silicone mouthpiece. Marine brass, stainless steel spring and rocker arm. Excellent breathability at any depth.

  • Pneumatically balanced design for superior performance at depth.
  • Diver adjustable control knob for gas flow adjustment.
  • Venturi control assist for excellent work of breathing.
  • Large exhaust valve for minimal exhalation effort.
  • Marine brass, stainless steel spring and pivot lever.
  • Excellent breathing comfort at any depth