SCUBA FORCE Mission Statement

SCUBA FORCE was founded and is owned by two highly experienced well-known European technical divers. 

Tom Jaspers began his diving carrier in the mid-seventies. Today he has over 40 years of diving experience and holds Instructor Trainer ratings for all major technical training agencies (TDI, IANTD, ANDI).Tom's passion is cave diving and he is one of the pioneers in cave exploration using sidemount CCR. Over the decade’s Tom has had some spectacular cave explorations, one of the best which he likes to mention is a 2 kilo meter cave penetration dive in the St. Sauveur in France and a depth of 190 meters. 

Horst Dederichs began his diving carrier in the early nineties and has over 29 years of diving experience. His deepest dive is 145 meter and with two decades of wreck expeditions leadership, Horst is one of the advanced technical divers in his field. Horst has written many different books on technical, wreck diving and wrote the TDI training material in German. Diving the wreck “RMS Lusitania” was one of his top diving experiences.Nearly all of our diving expeditions were documented by German television. Some of which can still be seen today via youtube. (see links in the video section) 

 Such deep wreck or cave exploration needs specialised equipment which at that time was not on the market. 

 In 2003 they both founded the company behind SCUBA FORCE. In the early years we focused on the German speaking markets, today our distribution network is worldwide.

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SCUBA FORCE is a very innovative company with a clear focus on high performance quality gear. Due to our own diving experience we know how important it is to use the best available equipment with the highest material standards. 

At SCUBA FORCE we produce innovated products. 

  • SF2 ECCR – The first electronic controlled rebreather with everything inside a tube both Backmount and Sidemount. 
  • Artic X-Nine undergarment – The first combination of a high elastic fleece with 3M thinsulate.
  • EXPLORER NST – The first no stitch trilaminate drysuit.X-HEAT – the first underwater heating system that is using a non-cable high power heat system.

We work and cooperate with experts worldwide within and outside the diving industry. This ensures the innovation within our products. 

Example the X-SERIES were developed together with 3M the company which produces Thinsulate. Using their knowledge and technical expertise lead to an undergarment series with highest comfort and isolation. 

Being a German based company we pride ourselves on our perfection, innovation, product quality and materials.

Scuba Force Drysuits

Scuba Force Explorer NST-Drysuits- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
Scuba Force Xpedition-Drysuits- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
Scuba Force Xpedition SE-Drysuits- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham


SCUBA FORCE offers a complete technical product line with a worldwide distribution network. We are based in Mönchengladbach Germany in a building with more than 1000 m² and an in-house CNC production. 

Over five years ago we founded our US company which is based in Lake City Florida called SCUBA FORCE USA. 

We still believe in our mission 


Scuba Force Twin Tec Set I-Regulators- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
Scuba Force Twin Tec Set II-Regulators- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham
Scuba Force Twin Tec Set III-Regulators- by Scuba Force-Divemaster Scuba Nottingham

And tomorrow?

We never stop exploring and we will go on the same way as we did it in the past and produce innovative and high quality diving equipment. 

There is so much to discover